Data Log Analysis

Everyone talks about big data. At Simplify Ballast, we bring data to bear in a big way.

Every ballast water management system has a data log that monitors the function of the system. Flows, pressures, temperatures, valve positions – all of these tell a story about how your system is operating and most importantly what happened when your system was damaged.

We can look inside the pipes and provide real, actionable procedures that use the data from your operations to ensure that your future operations give you the best results.

But Simplify Ballast can do a lot more with your data than tell you how your system is running. We can use the data, together with GPS positioning and tracking to put together plans to reduce your environmental footprint and improve your EEDI.

By treating your ballast during off-peak times for your electric loading, Simplify Ballast can provide direct inputs to your SEEMP and can lower you CII.

If you want to know how to use the data you already have to make ballasting more simple, reach out and we will give you a free demonstration.